UPIC FAQ Applications Have you ever lost USB flash drive?

Have you ever lost USB flash drive?


Have you ever lost USB flash drive? Traditional USB flash drives, no matter what size, are very easy to lose. Many companies tried to develop various types of USB flash drive key ring. According to the public experiences, key-ring USB FLASH drives greatly reducing the possibility of "lost". However, the USB flash drive connected to the heavy key ring is very inconvenient to use. UPIC's patented technology,credit-card-size flash drive is a total solution to all problems. Place inside pockets, carry together with your portable collection of credit card and not lost. To keep your important files, photos commemorating the loss, protect the company's confidential information. USB card disc (card U disk) is your best choice!

You can choose to custom designs (it can be ordered even just 1 pcs), or you can also buy ready-made products.

The company has selected for you to choose the spot pattern. Welcome to direct contact business contact , or visit the store to buy!

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