Name Card MP3 Player


Colorful Card MP3---The best choice of gifts.

Card-MP3 is an upgraded version of card USB drive. It has all the function of card USB drive and also the additional MP3 music player functions. It has large print space, so you can customize or personalize the marketing LOGO design. The company has the unique patented interface--dual-connector design. This enables enjoying the music and charging the device at the same.

The new Card MP3 (MP302) maintains all the nice features of the MP301 model, including ultra-thin size and large printable area. In addition ,the new features are:

1, (Unique feature) Patented dual-connector design: This feature allows users use the headset and charge the battery in the same time. The operation in more intuitive and the transfer rate is faster.
2, (Green Product) The new card MP3 uses universal Micro USB interface to charge its battery ,meeting the new standard charge of Europe, China and Taiwan. In addition to more environmentally friendly, it can save the cost of the additional charger.
3, (Battery saver) The innovative design (patented) can prevent leakage current to improve standby time to enjoy the music longer as possible.
4 (Hot swap control) Using Hot-swap power supply control system, the operation is more intuitive. It can automatically shut-down when standby time is longer than 60 seconds.

Notice that we are the only company in the market that have this kind of card MP3 product, because we are the inventor and the patent owner of this product. The device is equipped with Taiwanese leading IC controller chip of MP3 and thus it can support most of the music file types. Also it has similar VoiceOver function as the newer iPod. When you change folder, it automatically reads out the name of the folder. Since it is a high-end product, it is the best choice for business gifts.


Our products are all designed by ourselves. The quality of our products is therefore under excellent control.

Last Updated on Saturday, 24 April 2010 23:23