What is the best graduation gifts? Credit card size USB FLASH drives and MP3 are the most popular.


What kind of graduation gift can complete record of student life to our eternal memories. What kind of gifts, exclusively only our class, our community, our school?

Customized card U disk (Name card flash drive,credit card size USB FLASH drives) and MP3, not only to store the students photos, audio forever, and be able to customize beautifully printed color pictures. The company's patented ultra-thin 1.9mm Name card U disk (flash drive), will be the best graduation gift season. Many customers come from China and Taiwan's academic institutions has ordered their own disks. As soon as possible,contact us for product information.

(The credit card size USB disks made for Taiwan Tech and Shanghai Jiaotong University are the good examples.)

UPIC's advanced color printing technology can even produce good quality of subtle color gradations. We are the masters of Engineering and Print management team and will try our best to produce good quality gifts. UPIC is your best choice.

Last Updated on Monday, 07 July 2014 19:07